Patients with Swiss Health Insurance:

Office appointments: consultations and diagnostic tests are covered under the TarMed codes. We do not apply any supplements to the basic rates. Both public and private patients can be seen equally.

Surgical procedures: For all patients, we determine on a case by case basis the need for a short term hospital stay. The decision is based on the required post-operative course. For all day-care cases, the cost of the operation is covered according to the agreement you made with your insurance company. We do not charge any supplements above the basic fee. For patients that are hospitalized, the private fee schedule applies to those patients who have additional private insurance coverage.

European Union patients:

Office appointments: we use the same basic rates as for Swiss citizens (TarMed). ON the basis of an E112 form, you will be reimbursed by your insurance company. Under certain circumstances, we will bill your insurance company directly.

It's important to ask to your insurance company which document will be requested for the reimbursement and to bring it with you.

Surgical procedures: under european legislation, surgical procedures that are required on an emergency basis will be covered based on the public insurance rates (TarMed). For non urgent surgeries, prior approval is required. In all cases, we will provide you with an estimate prior to any surgical procedure so that you can request approval by your insurance company, or take other measures for payment.

Patients without insurance or outside the European Union:

The rates will be based on those charged Swiss private patients. They may be adjusted based on your financial situation. In all cases, an estimate will be sent to you prior to the consultation. If you have an insurance that covers care abroad, we will help you in getting compensation.